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Ephedra / Ephedrine

Ephedra is a Chinese herb that was discovered 5000 years ago. The components of ephedra are widely used in weight loss and body building products, in drugs to treat asthma and allergy. The effects include loss of appetite, increased energy, enhanced metabolism, increased blood pressure and heart rate, fat burning. Ephedrine is the chemical derived from Ephedra. Its main properties are stimulation of central nervous system, cardiovascular system and opening the lung bronchitis.

Ephedrine belongs to the sympathomimetics family. It releases norepinephrine causing the reise of body temperature and increase of energy. Ephedrine HCL is commonly marketed in its HydroChLoride and Sulfate forms. Ephedra Sinica contains both pseudoephedrine and ephedrine as the active constituents. Ephedra has different effects and actions and works in slightly different ways than its synthetic counter-part Ephedrine HCL. Pure ephedrine activates α-receptors (Alpha) and β-receptors (Beta) and increases noradrenergic receptor activity. Ephedrine increases the overall pH of the cell and the more active you are, the more cells are released and the more adrenaline and ephedrine is delivered into your system. Ephedrine helps to increase the skeletal muscle and contraction force and power lifters widely use this drug before competitions. The combination of caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine is used for the purpose of fat loss.

Ephedrine sulfate is an adrenergic drug used for treating allergy and asthma. It causes increased contractility and heart rate, vasoconstriction in blood vessels and it possesses strong bronchodilator and decongestant properties. It effects the same systems and processes as ephedrine HCL but milder.

Bronkaid ephedrine products are widely used to treat bronchial asthma and Bronkaid Dual Action and Primatene Tablets containing ephedrine HCL and ephedrine sulfate really help to relieve asthma symptoms. Bronkaid dual action really works and these products proved to be effective.  

Weight loss with ephedra is very widespread and you’ll also find ephedrine in ephedra diet pills and ephedrine ECA (containing ephedrine aspirin caffeine) which are really helpful in fat burning.

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